British Accent 8

He was late. Not half an hour, as usual, but one week late. That preety much stand as a record for him. The cab finally arrived at the building. He paid the driver but he didn't tipped. You do not tip someone who mistakes the course when you're in a hurry, no matter how much the guy tried to get a positive atitude.
-Thank you for nothing.
-Fuck off stupid driver. Geez.
The car went away but he could listen the indian man cursing him. ("Wanker") He tried to get over that and buzzed to the doorman.
-Hi. I'm coming to the 13th block A.
-Alright. Just a sec.
He couldn't wait a second and the doorman took 5 minutes to finally warn him:
-You can come up.
He took his luggage and ran his way till the elavator. 5, 6, 10. 11.
-Come on. Hurry up"
13 floor. He jumped for the ring. He could listen to the high heels in the apartment. She appeared at the door.
-You're late.
-You're seven fucking days late.
-Really sorry about that. I had some problems to get here.
-I told you months ago. I'm not waiting for. I was not waiting. I... I... I din't want to think about this and you get here. Seven days later and...
-Can I kiss you?
They looked to each other. Her heart skipped a beat. He made his way inside the apartament and aimed his head to her lips.

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