British Accent 6

The Amazon jungle.
Our hero, Henry "The Angel" Smith, cut his way trough the woods with his brazilian faithful guide, Toto.
-When they say this is place is big, they don't mean this huge. And this hot. Come on. It wasn't enough that I had to cross half a world to get here now I get to stando to the insects, to the rains and to the warm. Shit.
Toto starts to a whistle a carnival song.
-You don't understand a word that I say, right Toto?
-You don't speak english do you?
-Ah, não, não senhor. Eu, quer dizer, I don't speak english.
-That's right. My guide don't even understand what I'm talking about. That's great! I'm looking for a insect. An especial insect.
-Oi? Eu não entendo o que senhor está dizendo. Hm, I don't understand.
Henry grabs a paper from his pocket and try to tell his guide:
-It's a baour, bour, barbou, barbelt... Bor-bor-le-ta. God damn! It's a freaking special butterfly. I'm looking for a butterfly.
Toto smiles to Henry and keep making his way trough the woods.
-It's going to be a long, long, search.

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