British Accent 4

It was cold night and he was there. Smoking a cigarette and looking to the city. She appeared by the door.
-So, here you are.
-I was looking all over the places for you.
-I know.
She came closer.
-How are you doing?
-Fine. I think.
-You don't look fine to me.
-I'm not fine. You know that. You don't need to ask me that.
-I want to help you.
-You can't help me. No one can help me.
-You are overeacting.
-No, I'm not. I'm not over reacting. I'm not ok and I don't have any idea if I ever going to be fine again. You know what? I'm tired of all this shit. All this day-by-day, this trying to be a normal and a reasonble person, I can't stand all of that.
-Romeo, please calm down.
-No, Juliet, I will not calm the fuck down.
-Romeo, get away from the edge of this building please. You can fall down.
-You know what? Fuck Shakespeare. Fuck all this dying for love story! I will never die for love. Do you want to know more? I would never kill myself for you.
-You fucking right, my dear Romeo. All this shit about our names fucked your mind! This is not a romantic story, so please, stop with all of this drama.
And then, he jumped from the edge of the building.

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